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How to Engage Your NFT Community Part 3: Partnerships & Token Integrations

Collaboration and partnership between companies is massively advantageous, helping businesses with the exchange of resources, knowledge, and credibility. This can be particularly valuable for Web3 companies, which frequently operate in rapidly evolving and highly competitive markets. From a community perspective, partnering with other Web3 companies can engage novel customer bases and markets that would otherwise be out of reach. 

While there are many practical strategies to cultivate meaningful partnerships, an NFT marketplace is one of the most impactful. With a dedicated marketplace, you have the power to build specific functionality and prioritize integrations with partner projects. This sets the playing field for fruitful partnerships, as you can create value for both businesses, ensure brand alignment, and specifically cater to your community’s interests. 

The inherent link between non-fungible and fungible tokens presents a great partnership opportunity between NFT and crypto projects. Many crypto projects seek to add utility to their token, and a marketplace provides a new ecosystem to exchange NFTs for integrated tokens. Projects can ease transactions for members, onboarding an entirely new Web3 community into yours as they seek uses for their assets. Integrating tokens also adds new payment options for your community, who could benefit from the ability to use stable coins, or feel more inclined joining a project that makes it easier with options beyond the native token. 

APE coin is a strong example of a cryptocurrency deployed by an NFT collection and integrated into a marketplace. While this in-game currency and governance token has specific utility, Yuga Labs partnered with OpenSea to launch their metaverse land sale, Otherdeed. Instead of trading these NFTs using ETH, members used APE coin. The community reacted positively to this approach, demonstrating the possibilities of marketplace token integration. 

Trust & Credibility

Collaborative endeavors between businesses can be a significant factor in cultivating trust and credibility within a community. When projects partner, it can be perceived as a sign of stability and dependability. Consumers and clients are often more likely to engage in commerce with companies with robust partnerships, as these partnerships can be viewed as an indicator of success and a commitment to excellence.

In addition to building trust and credibility with consumers and clients, partnerships can also help enhance a company’s reputation within the broader community. By partnering with other reputable companies, Web3 businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the community and their willingness to work with others towards a common objective. By partnering with other reputable companies, Web3 businesses can demonstrate their commitment to excellence, stability, and responsibility, leading to increased trust and credibility among consumers, clients, and community members.

Expanding Your Community

In addition to building trust and credibility, partnerships can also help to expand the reach of a community by introducing new networks and audiences. By partnering with other companies, Web3 businesses can tap into new markets and customer bases, bringing more people into the community and increasing overall engagement. This can be especially valuable for smaller businesses that may not have the resources to reach a wide audience on their own.

The trust and credibility earned from strong partnerships makes it easier to expand your community by onboarding new members. Additionally, partnerships can provide access to new technologies and expertise, which can help Web3 businesses to more effectively reach and onboard new customers. Overall, partnerships can be an invaluable tool for Web3 businesses looking to onboard new customers and expand their community.

Inspire Participation & Collaboration

Finally, partnerships can also help to foster a sense of collaboration and cooperation within a community, which can lead to increased engagement and participation. When businesses partner with each other, they are demonstrating a willingness to work together towards a common goal. This can create a sense of unity and purpose within the community, as people see that different businesses are willing to come together to achieve something bigger than any one company could achieve on its own.

In addition to fostering collaboration and cooperation between businesses, partnerships can also help to create opportunities for collaboration and cooperation among community members. For example, businesses that partner with each other may work together to organize events, inspire user generated content, or provide resources and support to their community. This can help to create a sense of shared purpose and engagement within the community, as people see that businesses are working together to support the common good.

Overall, partnerships are invaluable for Web3 businesses seeking to expand and thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape.  Most forward-thinking projects actively seek partnership and collaboration opportunities with like-minded teams. A marketplace provides a place to bring your partner collections and expand each other’s reach by accessing both communities, creating new value together. Exclusive partnership content or NFT collections can thrive in an ecosystem built for their success. Minting, selling and trading these assets is made more accessible with the right infrastructure, and the user experience becomes frictionless through an aggregated platform. 

At Liteflow, we provide pressure-tested and future-proof NFT marketplace infrastructure to companies building in Web3. We’re such strong believers in our tech stack that we’re offering 30 day access to a dedicated NFT marketplace for free, so you can explore the power of Liteflow. Our solutions help businesses take control of their business model and deploy robust ecosystems tailored to their goals and community. If you’d like to explore marketplace development in more detail, and how a marketplace can help engage your NFT community, schedule a demo with Liteflow today!

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