From The BlogLiteflow NewsLiteflow launches its Web3 as a Service offering

Liteflow launches its Web3 as a Service offering

What is Web3 as a Service?

Liteflow, a leading NFT infrastructure solutions company, has announced the launch of its Web3 as a Service (WaaS) offering for brands and businesses.

 Liteflow Inc today announced the launch of its Web3 as a Service offering. A decentralized application infrastructure delivery, service and licensing offering in which the infrastructure is accessed online via a subscription mechanism. “The service offering of Web3 as a Service is a core component that differentiates this model from traditional SaaS or decentralized application infrastructure-only product offerings”, says Anthony Estebe, CEO of Liteflow.

The Liteflow NFT solution allows complete control of your Web3 Business model without sacrificing revenue or control to 3rd party marketplaces.

You not only benefit from decentralization by deploying Liteflow’s solution, but you have the flexibility to build your project tailored to your needs with the modular approach of the Liteflow Web3 as a Service offering.

Liteflow are passionate advocates for Web3 and are fully committed to the future of decentralization. This is evident in the control you get by tapping into the Liteflow NFT technology and service offering.

Features and benefits of the Liteflow NFT solution:

  • NFT Marketplace Starter Kit: Deploy at lightning speed with our NFT marketplace template source code.
  • NFT API: List and manage marketplace NFTs and access the business features needed for users to buy and sell these NFTs. All customized to fit your business model.
  • NFT SDK: Customize your frontend with additional features using our modular and interoperable NFT SDK.
  • Admin Panel: Manage your dedicated NFT ecosystem and monitor dApp data from one easy to use dashboard.
  • Wallet to Wallet Messaging: Enables users to communicate directly within your dApp, wallet to wallet.
  • NFT Licenses: Token-gate content or technology, using NFTs as the subscription keys for users to license and access.

Interested in exploring how an NFT marketplace will help gather and engage your community and to find out more and set up a demo call for the solution, please visit

Liteflow is a leading NFT technology and solutions company, offering its WaaS (Web3 as a Service) NFT technology solution and service offering, empowering brands and creators to confidently build, launch and manage web3 projects with a scalable & secure suite of NFT tools.

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