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Power your project’s economy with multi-chain crypto transactions. Launch your market presence with token generation events and secure investor commitment with token vesting.
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Tokenize your economy

ERC20 token creation

Launch an ERC20 token to power your project's economy, facilitating cryptocurrency transactions, utility functions, and partnerships.
  • Cryptocurrency-based economy
  • Utility tokens
  • Project partnerships
  • And more
Ideal for: Businesses seeking to create their own token economy within the blockchain ecosystem.

Token bridge

Expand your project's reach by deploying token bridges, facilitating multi-chain accessibility & cross-chain partnerships.
  • Multiple blockchains
  • Crypto communities
  • Cross-chain partnerships
  • And more
Ideal for: Businesses aiming to maximize their token’s accessibility and influence across various blockchain ecosystems.
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Sell your tokens

Token generation event (TGE)

Initiate your token's market presence with a TGE, offering it through sales or via launchpad partners to investors.
  • Initial sale offerings
  • Private & public sales
  • First-come, first-served
  • Raffle
Ideal for: Businesses looking to introduce their token to the market and attract investment from various types of investors.

Token vesting

Secure a long-term commitment with your investors with a vesting schedule, stabilizing your token's economy.
  • Preserve token value
  • Foster enduring investors relationships
  • Manage token’s economic
  • And more
Ideal for: Businesses aiming to build sustained trust & stability in their token economy, ensuring investor loyalty and gradual market entry.
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