Great products start with great tools

Liteflow is a lean software development toolkit that helps startups launch their MVP quicker, iterate faster, and grow with confidence.

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Cloud Functions

Run scripts in a production environment without managing servers.

Real-time Database

Create data-driven applications without any servers to handle.

Integrated Email

Automatically trigger emails based on specific events or tasks.


User management system ready to integrate into your app.

Reduce your technical stack

Launch your product with a highly scalable and customizable backend. Focus on building your business core values and not the scaffolding of your product.

Remove 90% of your Backend development

We enhanced and simplified the experience of creating your product with a services-oriented architecture. Liteflow reduces your development costs and increases your flexibility by providing you with ready to use elaborate services.

Create custom behaviors for your product

Remove the hassle of managing servers or infrastructures to create custom functions. Fully customize your product possibilities to meet your business needs. Let us take care of the rest: no more DevOps, no more complexity.

Low-code solution for all your needs

You don’t need to be an experienced developer to use Liteflow. With our simple low-code YAML interface, you will be able to create APIs or any background jobs you want just by using processes. One of the coolest things is that you can also combine all our services to create compelling features that will fit your Startup.

Make your product reactive

Make your application react in real-time to any changes in your database and connect processes to trigger specific features automatically. Transform your product into a truly data-driven one regarding your business needs.

Monitor and refine

With the Liteflow console, you can optimize your product performance and minimize maintenance and updates. Visually monitor your application’s executions, logs, endpoints, etc. for simple improvements and refinements. We built it for efficient management of errors so that you can focus on optimizing your business.

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Free to start using

One of our core believes is that you should pay only for something you actively use. That’s why we provide fair monthly Free usage to all accounts.

New business

Free forever

We know that being a new player comes with many challenges. Our first focus is to let you run small-to-medium apps without having to pay anything.
  • Access to all services
  • Create custom features
  • No vendor lock-in, no risks
  • Eliminate boilerplate code
  • Iterate your ideas faster
  • Basic support

Growing business

Pay as you go

Do you need flexibility? Remove the limits by using our unlimited usage solution to meet your business needs. Start for Free, then pay only for what your app uses and nothing else.
  • Free usage included
  • Reduce development cost
  • No vendor lock-in, no risks
  • Zero DevOps
  • Unlimited scaling
  • Prioritized support

Your time is valuable

That’s why Liteflow only takes a few seconds to discover

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