Leading white-label solution for Web3 NFT Marketplaces

Liteflow empowers the next generation of Web3 businesses with a non-custodian white-label solution to build and launch their own decentralized NFT marketplaces to mint, sell, and trade NFTs

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Own Your Web3 Experience

Launch a unique brand experience, expand your token utility, and shape the future of your community

  • Benefit from a decentralized solution
  • Brand it with your identity
  • Launch on any EVM Chain
  • Create your custom front
  • Deploy on your custom domain
  • And much more ...

Access New Revenue Streams

Configure your Web3 NFT marketplace fees, royalties, and currencies freely to gain new sources of revenue

  • Decide the percentage and repartition of fees
  • Benefit from non-custodian fees mechanism
  • Use your native Token as the primary currency
  • Integrate partners' tokens as secondary currencies
  • Access Fiat payment gateway
  • And much more ...

Gather Your Community

Deliver a tailored space for your community to gather, engage, and trade within your ecosystem

  • Mint, sell & trade NFTs on the blockchain
  • Connect with 80+ Web3 available wallets
  • Build trust through verified profiles
  • Get activity notifications
  • And much more ...

Monitor With Ease

Monitor your NFT Marketplace activity through your dedicated dashboard and quarterly reports

  • Monitor the sales history
  • Monitor the top creators/sellers/buyers
  • Monitor bids/NFTs/users
  • Keep track of profile verification status
  • And much more ...

Built to Scale With You


We designed the Liteflow solution to provide a scalable, secure, and interoperable infrastructure for the next generation of Web3 businesses.



The API is using GraphQL to allow frontends to query exactly what they need and to provide the best API experience for developer.


Database Centric

The backend is build with a database centric approach to improve security and reactivity of the queries.

Rarible-Protocol OpenZeppelin

Smart Contracts

The NFT and exchange smart contracts are open source and audited. They are developed by Rarible protocol and OpenZeppelin.


Blockchain Indexer

To drastically improve the performance of the API, blockchain data are synchronised into the database in the background in real time.

QuickNode Alchemy

Web3 Providers

The backend is using multiple Web3 providers from partners to provide redundancy and trustless connections to blockchain.

IPFS Pinata

NFTs Storage

NFTs are stored directly on the blockchain and on IPFS to provide decentralisation and interoperability with other blockchain tools.

Frontend SDK

Your team can build additional features by accessing the API and create a custom front through well-established technologies and tools.

Frontend DApp

React.js Next.js TypeScript

Design System


Design Files


Strategic Partners

We partner with a selection of high-end companies in the NFT & Blockchain space to provide complementary resources and drive our clients' success

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