From The BlogLiteflow NewsLiteflow’s Web3 as a Service powers new DEFY Labs NFT platform

Liteflow’s Web3 as a Service powers new DEFY Labs NFT platform

Liteflow powers new DEFY Labs NFT platform

Liteflow, a leading provider of NFT infrastructure, and DEFY Labs, the world’s first Web3 RPG game, announced the launch of the DEFY Labs NFT marketplace.

Liteflow’s Web3 infrastructure suite enables clients to build, launch, and maintain NFT marketplaces by tapping into Liteflow’s advanced Web3 technology and industry experience.

Liteflow, a leading provider of NFT infrastructure solutions, and DEFY Labs, the world’s first location-based Web3 RPG game, announced the launch of the DEFY Labs new NFT ecosystem solution, powered by Liteflow.

DEFY Labs were seeking a solution that could not only meet their NFT technology and infrastructure requirements but a solution that could also enable them to rapidly go to market, with the overall goal of it being to let the users of their game exchange their game assets.

DEFY Labs made use of Liteflow’s innovative Web3 Starter Kit solution, which includes the Liteflow SDK and Liteflow API, with the following benefits :

  • Build your Web3 dApp frontend with the most modern and popular front-end libraries providing the best developer experience.
  • Freely create and deploy custom front-end features with a set of React Hooks, allowing you to interact with the Liteflow NFT API.
  • Freedom to customize your commercial model, including full control of the fee structure

By leveraging the Liteflow NFT infrastructure DEFY Labs has used the flexibility to exclusively use their DEFY token as part of their user ecosystem.

With the Liteflow NFT SDK, companies and projects can easily build and customize their NFT dApp. This makes it easier than ever for brands and creators to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the NFT market, and to build innovative and exciting applications and services on the Liteflow NFT infrastructure.

The Liteflow NFT solution allows complete control of your Web3 Business model without sacrificing revenue or control to 3rd party marketplaces.

You not only benefit from decentralization by deploying Liteflow’s solution, but you have the flexibility to build your project tailored to your needs with the modular approach of the Liteflow Web3 as a Service offering.

Liteflow are passionate advocates for Web3 and are fully committed to the future of decentralization. This is evident in the control you get by tapping into the Liteflow NFT technology and service offering.

About DEFY Labs
DEFY Labs is a web3 mobile game developer innovating in creating fun, story-rich, location-based RPG experiences for players. For more information, visit

About Liteflow
Liteflow is a leading provider of Web3 infrastructure solutions, with a focus on making it simple for developers to build and deploy Web3 solutions such as NFT Marketplaces quickly and easily. The company offers a range of tools and services to help companies and projects create and manage blockchain-based applications and services. 

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