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What’s a Web3 Development Platform?

What's a Web3 Development Platform?

The internet is changing, requiring massive amounts of new development and innovation. The next era of the internet is known as Web3 and is made possible by blockchain technology. Web3 companies are already deploying powerful products and services, some of which will become foundational to advancing our digital lives. Other savvy minds are exploring the potential of this new tech using third-party tools to build decentralized applications (dApps) on blockchain networks. 

These third-party tools are known as Web3 development platforms, simplifying development by eliminating the need to work with underlying blockchain infrastructure. The aim is to enable anyone to build dApps, including developers and non-technical users. Before diving into the power of a Web3 development platform, let’s start with a few basics.

What is Web3?

The age of Web3 is quickly approaching, but the average internet user is still only engaging with Web2 products and services. Web2 is defined by user-generated content, interoperability and social participation. Despite the advancements, Web2 is highly centralized and controlled by a handful of companies that offer their services in exchange for user data.

The term Web3 is used mainly in reference to a new and improved internet that empowers users via ownership of content, data, and experiences. Web3 harnesses blockchain technology with the aim of decentralizing the internet and improving data security, user privacy, and scalability. Decentralization allows users to build, operate, and collectively own the internet instead of a few corporations. 

The Rise of Web3 Development

An increasing number of businesses are exploring Web3, leading to a massive demand for developers. This results in competition among platforms and blockchains to onboard users and cultivate a reputation for excellent Web3 development. Depending on the intention, the learning curve can be steep when starting with a new programming language that uses blockchain as a backend. 

Web3 companies have a few essential questions to ask themselves when planning development. What blockchain will you use? Will development be handled in-house or using existing infrastructure and tooling? Do you understand the Web3 terminology needed to start building? The answers to these questions will illuminate the path forward, and for many businesses this path includes a Web3 development platform. 

Web3 Development Platforms

A variety of powerful platforms exist for those looking to get started in Web3 development with little to no technical knowledge. From starter kits to libraries and SDKs, there are many options for easier development.

Boasting over $100 billion in on-chain transaction volume and over 10 million users, is one of the largest blockchain infrastructure players in Web3. Enabling builders to access backend APIs for various chains, Alchemy makes it easier for companies to build and scale their dApps. Their suite of tools is behind a lot of great dApps, and can be accessed at various prices, from freemium and beyond.

Ceramic Network

Offering unlimited data composability for Web3 applications, Ceramic is a decentralized data network that provides an open API for the storage, modification and retrieval of data. All network data can be reused within various applications, cultivating a permissionless network of connected apps that all run on composable data. Ceramic’s tech application development stack consists of several components including, frameworks, middleware, data models, network APIs and more.


At Liteflow, we’re simplifying NFT infrastructure for businesses to easily build, launch and manage Web3 projects using a scalable & secure suite of tools. Make your own NFT marketplace using our end-to-end or modular solutions, developed to power the next generation of Web3 brands. Now, businesses can avoid development headaches and delays by licensing end-to-end or modular components based on the specific project needs. From a full NFT Marketplace Starter Kit to NFT APIs, SDKs, and more, Liteflow helps bring Web3 ideas to life without the need for technical expertise. 

Blockchain platforms and tooling are developing rapidly, as Web3 companies prepare their operations for the internet’s next stage. Highly capable options already exist that empower both natives and newcomers to start building quickly. As we look to the future, Web3 development platforms hold the key to onboarding more users via intuitive and frictionless solutions for businesses of all industries and sizes. 
At Liteflow, we bring the flexibility of building Web3 projects according to your specific needs. If you’d like to explore how to bring your ideas to life, reach out to us at Liteflow, and schedule a call with one of our experts.

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