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Token2049: A Recap from Liteflow in Singapore

The atmosphere at Marina Bay Sands was vibrant over the past few days. Enthusiasts from the Web3 community gathered from all over the world in Singapore to explore and discuss the latest in blockchain technology. At Liteflow, we were thrilled to participate in the conference and also had the privilege to host our own networking event. Our event featured esteemed speakers and sponsors including The Sandbox, Animoca Brands, Blockchain Game Alliance, Grease Monkey Games, and more.

Liteflow in Lion City for Token2049

A key trend that stood out at the conference was the emphasis on building. Market downturns often reveal the most dedicated participants, and this week, 10,000 such enthusiasts united at Token.

We at Liteflow have always prioritized innovation. This conference was a testament to the strides our team has made over the years. From our interactions with clients and partners to the successful side event we hosted, it’s evident that the Liteflow vision is gaining traction within the community.

Yat Siu from Animoca Brands on stage during Token2049 in Singapore
Mocaverse event during Token2049 from Animoca Brands
Liteflow & Animoca Brands at the Mocaverse event

One prominent theme during the conference was the push for mainstream adoption, especially in web3 gaming. This potential has the industry abuzz. Panels and discussions repeatedly centered around introducing this technology to broader audiences. The focus on infrastructure, gaming projects, and more indicates the industry’s dedication to this goal.

NFTverse’s First Edition Thrives at Token2049

Our event, NFTVerse: Uniting Builders, was undoubtedly a highlight and a tremendous success with 1,000+ registrations. We hosted some of the brightest minds in the industry for an evening of networking and insightful presentations.

NFTverse: Uniting Builders First Edition during Token2049 in Singapore

Anthony Estebe, our CEO, opened with an introduction to Liteflow and our future vision for NFTs. Our primary objectives are usability, interoperability, and minimizing barriers. We aim to enable quicker market entry, better business models, and efficient development budgets for projects in the NFT space.

Anthony Estebe from Liteflow during NFTverse: Uniting Builders
Anthony Estebe from Liteflow during NFTverse: Uniting Builders

Sebastian Borget, COO of The Sandbox and president of The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), took the floor after Anthony. He detailed the remarkable efforts of the BGA in collaborating with blockchain gaming partners globally. The alliance is pioneering a network of projects that act as a foundation for community and partnerships. Sebastian’s insights, especially about the metaverse and NFTs, always illuminate opportunities for brands and builders in the rapidly evolving digital arena.

Sebastien Borget from The Sandbox & The BGA during NFTverse: Uniting Builders

Following Sebastian, Gojo Satoshi, Marketing Director of projects at Animoca Brands, introduced The Mocaverse. This exclusive, membership-based NFT collection symbolizes the evolution of the Animoca ecosystem. Specifically for their close-knit community, the Mocaverse champions Animoca Brands’ core values, especially as they venture deeper into Web3 and digital property rights. Having recently secured $20 million for the Mocaverse, Gojo emphasized its transformative potential.

Gojo Satoshi from Animoca Brands & The Mocaverse during NFTverse: Uniting Builders

Arran Potter and Billy Sullivan from Grease Monkey Games were next in line. With a decade-long legacy in Web2 gaming, they previewed their Web3 game, Torque Drift 2. It promises an enriched community experience for Motorsport enthusiasts, complete with customizable cars, unique NFT in-game assets, and visually striking graphics. These features underscore their commitment to setting benchmarks in Web3 gaming.

Billy Sullivan & Arran Potter from Grease Monkey Games during NFTverse: Uniting Builders

Entrepreneur Eddy Travia spotlighted three of his ventures: Bastion Wallet, Coinsilium, and CyphaQuest. Each is making significant strides in the blockchain space. Eddy’s overview was a testament to his extensive knowledge and unwavering passion for advancing technology. 

Eddy Travia from Coinsilium Group, Bastion wallet, & CyphaQuest during NFTverse: Uniting Builders

To round off the presentations, Roy Hui of LightLink Chain, an Ethereum-secured layer 2 blockchain designed for Metaverse, NFT, and gaming, discussed their optimization efforts. They’re focused on cost reduction, speed enhancements, and facilitating business scalability on-chain. Being a partner with Liteflow, we’re aligned with LightLink’s mission to simplify user onboarding and enhance transaction experiences.

Roy Hui from LightLink Chain during NFTverse: Uniting Builders

Tweeting NFTverse: Community Takeaways

Wrapping Up Token2049

In conclusion, the Singapore conference was a memorable experience for our team. It reinforced our love for the industry and our commitment to progress. We look forward to further collaborations and interactions in the near future. If you couldn’t join us in Singapore, stay tuned for upcoming events in Bangkok and Token2049 in Dubai.

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