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For autonomous businesses with ambitious growth goals.
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1% transaction fee

For businesses seeking white-glove services and management.


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Included in all the above plans

Liteflow products

Product nft data

NFT Data

Product nft exchange

NFT Exchange

Product collection nft minting

Collection & NFT Minting

Product messaging

Wallet-to-Wallet Messaging

Included in all the above plans​

Liteflow features


Dive into unparalleled data customization with our GraphQL API. Achieve real-time results tailored to your exact needs.


Stay a step ahead with instant backend alerts - from fresh offers to finalized trades.


Craft your application's behavior. Harness the power of our adaptable micro-services platform.

Custom Fees

Adapt and thrive with dynamic, real-time fee calculations. Make it fit your unique strategy.

Peer-to-Peer Trading

Transform NFT commerce. Let users transact directly, reshaping the buying/selling experience.

Offers & Listings

Effortlessly set up NFT offers and listings. Benefit from partial fill support, elevating your 1155 standard compatibility.

Mint & Lazymint

Ignite user creativity. Offer both on-chain and off-chain asset minting, making NFT creation a breeze.

NFT Collections

Steer your NFT collection landscape. With the tools to create, import, modify, or remove, you're in full control.


Embrace a broader audience. Cater to both native and ERC-20 currencies, welcoming diverse transaction methods.

Wallet Connection

Smoothly integrate with over 30 wallets, from Metamask to Coinbase. Enhance user flexibility and trust.

Financial Activity

Maintain an eagle-eye view on your platform’s financial pulse - from showcased collections to individual trades.


Shape your marketplace's destiny. Start uniquely, then evolve with limitless freedom to adapt and reinvent.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between your solution and other NFT marketplace providers?

In one word – customization. Unlike other providers where you are locked in, our infrastructure was designed with freedom and flexibility in mind. We provide access to all our tools, API’s and SDK’s so that you and your team can build upon our existing solution.

Is Liteflow a SAAS solution?

Not exactly, we define ourselves as a WAAS solution “Web3 as a Service”. Meaning, we leverage the best of both worlds (Web2/Web3) by providing innovative Web3 technologies and licensing models through an end-to-end Web3 tech subscription.

I need to get a solution ASAP, how long does it take to get set up?

This will depend on your specific requirements but on average less than 24 hours.

How does IP work with your solution?

The IP of the front-end is yours to own. You will have the IP of the application to do as you wish with your solution.

What measures do you take to ensure your solution is secure?

The NFT and exchange smart contracts are open source and audited. They are developed by Rarible Protocol and OpenZeppelin. To ensure decentralization and interoperability with other blockchain tools, NFTs are then stored directly on the blockchain and on IPFS.

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