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Web3 Leaders & Entrepreneurs Unite at NFTVerse in Paris

NFTVerse Paris

Unity around a shared vision can be one of life’s most empowering feelings, gathering with like-minded people to explore topics that everyone is truly passionate about. Co-hosted by Liteflow, Grapes, Wert, and My Neighbor Alice, this was the vibe at NFTVerse in Paris this year, as blockchain’s leading visionaries, builders, and entrepreneurs converged on the NFT Factory to explore Web3 beyond digital art.

This second installment of NFTVerse demonstrated why we are all stronger together…

10 major web3 speakers

Max capacity – 150+ attendees –  400+ registrants

Leaders from 100+ Web3 companies (58% C-Level)

The success didn’t end IRL, as content from NFTVerse in Paris has already generated hundreds of X engagements and over 42,000 impressions and climbing. 

Taking place during the now iconic NFT Paris event, NFTVerse felt truly unique, as a standout event focused on the deeper utility and business potential of non-fungible tokens. The energy was unmistakable with leaders and communities connecting from influential projects, including Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, Alien Worlds, The Blockchain Game Alliance, and OMA3.

Events like these serve as a reminder of the inspiration we have working in an industry with such innovative companies that can come together around a shared vision to propel everyone toward even greater heights. 

The NFTVerse Experience

The event was focused on providing a hub during NFT Paris for inspiring talks from industry leaders, dynamic networking with fellow builders, and forging relationships with like-minded potential partners. The goal was to deepen our community connections, providing a place for us to explore NFTs beyond the mainstream hype, and cultivate stronger bonds between projects that share a vision for the epic future of Web3.

From Web3 natives to Web2 curious explorers, there were representatives from many amazing companies that joined the festivities in Paris. It is in this diversity of backgrounds and thoughts that we can more easily empower everyone, sharing knowledge and opportunities with those that join our growing community. Beyond the IRL event experience, NFTVerse is bridging the gap, taking the community online through video presentations, podcasts, and interviews. This helps create a more robust platform for the NFTVerse community, continuing to connect and grow together online (so keep an eye out for some awesome content from NFTVerse in Paris).

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Empowering Users’ Ownership in an Interoperable Web3 Era

Interoperability is consistently a hot topic within Web3 communities, as it is a major component of the ethos within the evolving digital space. The ability to own assets implies that these assets should be borderless, and interoperable across platforms and Web3 ecosystems. This “freedom” is a critical component when developing products using NFTs, and covers a range of possibilities and forms.  In this spirit, we were thrilled to have Bilal El Alamy, CEO of PyratzLabs, moderate a panel of the industry’s thought leaders on this topic.

Sebastien Borget – COO & Co-founder, The Sandbox

“When you think about the spaces of games and virtual worlds, if I buy something using my virtual currency in a mobile game, I actually can’t use it in any other mobile game. I can’t transfer it outside the game or to any other user. It’s like a whole closed garden, a closed environment. Thanks to Blockchain, it’s like a public database that provides trust, transparency, and a lot of other information about digital scarcity, value, and more. The asset no longer sits within one realm or one application. It can now move across different applications.”

Robby Yung – CEO, Animoca Brands

“Ownership in the web3 sense, is really defined by possession, meaning, it’s in my wallet. So, therefore, I’m the one who owns it because I possess it. I think we have the same potential to be able to possess or repossess if you want to think about it from Web2 identities. And so, what we tried to do with Mocaverse is to create a system starting out with gamers and people in our gaming ecosystem, that allows gamers to essentially have their own identity in digital form.”

Riccardo Sibani – CPO, My Neighbor Alice

“When we talk about interoperability, we talk about the standards that actually anybody can read, use, and transfer, but ultimately how do we interoperate? How do we share? Like If I have a paper that is written with a typewriter, I send it to you by fax. You’re not able to read it. You have to print it, read it, and then only you’ll have the same experience. Coz, that data doesn’t change. If you want to change a letter or one sentence, you cannot do it. Interoperability is about writing an email. And then we talk about what the standards are for sending information from one place to another so that we can use it.”

Saro McKenna – CEO & Co-founder, Alien Worlds

“Tokenization creates this sort of consequence, which is that people who own a system together are very incentivized to build it out. They’re very creative, they’re very entrepreneurial. And I think this might be the sort of secret sauce that Web2 & traditional gaming is actually fundamentally like most scared of!”

NFTs as New Business Paradigms

NFTs are opening up massive business opportunities for those exploring the technology, something we believe will result in a major paradigm shift within digital products and services. At NFTVerse this topic is near and dear to us, as we aim to empower businesses with resources, inspiration and knowledge on how to cultivate new business models using Web3. This shared vision naturally led to an amazing panel moderated by Flavien Defraire, Director of Global Development at The Blockchain Game Alliance.

Anthony Estebe – CEO & Co-founder, Liteflow

“The part that I love is the ‘Identity’ part. Now your users have their own identities related to your product. So, you can say like, they couldn’t decide until it was your specific product. You can also ask businesses to identify, like, what they wanna achieve and so on, and for the users, still maintain their identity. So, if, tomorrow they want to leave your product, they can do that and still keep their storage, all the other activities, and so on. And, that’s why for me, the power of Web3 is here. Because everything is interoperable, they can use their identities on all those products, all those platforms.”

Daria Bogatyreva – Co-founder, Wert

“The projects that move at a pace that is suitable for them in terms of how to make their games or business really great, these ones are still afloat and still with us. The ones trying to make it really fast, loud and over promise, they didn’t have the capacity to still be up and running at this moment.”

Ben Cusack – Founder, Grapes

“We collect around 200m data points per week. With NFT engagement it’s very interesting. What we’ve seen on an NFT holder vs traditional Web2 player, they are worth about double, to triple, to four times the value, up to 20x sometimes. As an example, a traditional mobile game day one retention is about 35%, and that’d be quite good. When we push games to our community we see about 80%, so that starts getting toward social media levels of retention. So they are very engaged and when we pull out the data of and compare them from holders vs non holders, we can see the engagement levels have a huge increase.”

Mohamed Ezeldin – Head of Tokenomics, Animoca Brands

“I think there has been a shift and what’s so interesting is that a lot of people seem tense in coming to the same conclusion- that they’re building two separate products. They’re building something for Web2, and something else for Web3. Because engagement hooks are different, and the observations are different. So what we have done is, built on this holy land of Web 2.5, that it’s sort of in the middle… But, Web2 & Web3 are so far apart that building one product for two functionalities, it doesn’t make sense.”

Community Unity Through Networking 

Nothing drives innovation quite like the collective spirit, inspiring, incentivizing and motivating each other through unifying experiences. This is one of the fundamental reasons that we launched NFTVerse, providing a hub for like-minded entrepreneurs on parallel or intersecting paths to our Web3 goals. NFTVerse delivered beyond expectations in this regard, becoming one of the exciting networking opportunities of the week at NFT Paris.

In attendance were blockchain’s leading minds, with decision makers in the house from over 100 Web3 companies, the dialog was epic on stage and off. Our growing community of project founders and builders explored the current state of NFTs, digital identity, gaming infrastructure, and beyond. As a result, the community has spoken louder than ever, with amazing feedback. From the compliments regarding the wonderful atmosphere, to the quality of content and panels, amazing ratings from the event have come in from across the community. 

” Super cool! Thank you for the opportunity! Nice speakers, overall atmosphere and catering too. ” – Liva

” It was a lovely evening, wonderful atmosphere and great content/speakers! Also thanks for the nice food and drinks 🙂 ” – Janina Vinklere

” C’était super. Très belle rencontre faîtes. Merci beaucoup ” – Bernard Gaubert

Join NFTVerse!

This is only the beginning for NFTVerse, and our many partners, sponsors, and community members. The future of NFTs will be massive, and through our united efforts, we all have the power to impact and strengthen the industry. The amazing event in Paris was only achievable with the work and contributions of all projects and business leaders that joined us. We are honored to be a part of the NFTVerse movement, and thrilled to continue building with such inspiring people and brands.

These NFTVerse events are starting to become a massive opportunity for Web3 builders, and those here early are realizing the greatest benefits through networking, project visibility, and knowledge-share. We’ve already received requests from companies to be a part of the next NFTVerse event, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of NFT history. Apply to NFTVerse and gain access to this growing community of visionaries.

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