Focus on your business logic

We took care of your app backend

Liteflow offers a Backend-as-a-Service solution allowing you to focus only on the frontend of your web and mobile applications.

How Liteflow works

Liteflow is a development toolkit of services that you can connect through workflows to create entirely modern apps without complexity.



Add features in your application easily by creating workflows. Workflows are a YAML definition of your features that lets you connect and orchestrate different services based on events. With Liteflow, you can quickly build fully event-driven applications.



We made deployment easy, so you don’t need to worry about your application’s scalability or availability. All services run on a secure and scalable Docker-based infrastructure supported by DigitalOcean.



Monitor your application performance with the Liteflow Console. Get control over your data and your application logs, monitor, and get alerts anytime an issue occurs on your application to react immediately.



Always improve your application without the risk of breaking existing features. The Liteflow modularity and event-driven approach let you break your app’s dependencies and avoid side effects making maintenance and evolution much easier.



Create fully custom behaviors that will fit your application needs by extending existing services or creating your own. Liteflow provides the ultimate flexibility for modern apps built from scratch or to connect existing ones.

Want to boost your app development process?

Ready-to-use Backend Services

Our development toolkit is composed of all the essential ready-to-use backend services your app need. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel anymore and can focus on building your app core value.


Start a project and let your application automatically access a dedicated and private Postgres database. React in real-time to any database changes, allowing you to build your application based on the data-driven programming paradigm.


Send emails reliably without the hassle of using an external email service provider or setting up any SMTP.


Let your users register and login to your app with ease, without requesting a considerable work on your side. We made user management and authentication exciting, accessible, and safe.

JS Function

Run a script (in javascript) into a dedicated sandboxed environment, allowing you to create custom behaviors for your application needs. These functions run in a scalable Docker-based environment.

HTTP Endpoint

Create serverless APIs and connect an HTTP endpoint to a specific behavior through a workflow. Your API is ready to use from anywhere you want.



Connect any external tools or products using webhooks. Get the ultimate flexibility to communicate between different applications.

No vendor lock-in

One of our goals is to give you the freedom you don’t have with other platforms. That’s why Liteflow uses standard technologies that can easily be portable anywhere, giving you the possibility to redeploy your app as you wish.

Cloud agnostic

We heavily based Liteflow on Docker, a platform supported by most cloud providers, removing possible compatibility issues. Liteflow is also not tight to services like AWS Lambda, letting you choose your preferred cloud provider.

Common language

We decided to use Typescript/Javascript for the Liteflow tech stack, making it accessible to almost every developer. You don’t need to learn a new and obscure language to create your app on Liteflow.

Love for open source

At Liteflow, we love open technologies and will continue to open source more of our work as we grow. We will ultimately make everything accessible for anyone to use and contribute freely.

Your time is valuable

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