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Requirements to become a consulting partner

Can anyone become a Liteflow Consulting Partner?

You need to be an agency, consulting company or a similar value adding organization that is representing a client project.

Do I need to disclose that I am working with Liteflow to my client?

That’s entirely up to you. The benefit of becoming a consulting partner is that we can either work alongside you and your client on the project or we can operate in the background and work directly with you.

Do I get preferential pricing as a Consulting Partner?

We have a tiered incentive structure for our consulting partners and you can benefit both on a pricing and additional incentives depending on the client volume.

Do you have a minimum requirement to maintain Partner status?

Our minimum requirement for consulting partners is that you need to maintain a minimum of one active client in a twelve month rolling period.

I need to get a solution ASAP, how long does it take to get set up?

This will depend on your specific requirements but on average less than 30 days.

How does IP work with your solution?

The IP of the front-end is yours to own. You will have the IP of the application to do as you wish with your solution.

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